Stvdivm. Revista de humanidades is a fully peer-reviewed journal edited by the University of Zaragoza Press and Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities at the Universidad de Zaragoza. Studium began in 1995 as a result of the merger of two previous publications –Studium. Geografía, historia, arte, filosofía and Studium. Filología– issued since 1984 by the now extinct University College Teruel. Since its launch, Studium consists of an Editorial Board, a Scientific Board, and a board of independent reviewing editors that assess all the manuscripts submitted to the journal.
The Editorial Board of Stvdivm. Revista de Humanidades coordinates the edition, diffusion, and administration of each new volume according to the criteria for the presentation of periodical publications recommended by the Spanish National Research Council’s Centre for Scientific Information and Documentation and by international organisms such as ISO, AENOR, or Unesco/PGI.
With the objective of spreading and promoting study and research in the field of Humanities from a multidisciplinary viewpoint, the Editorial Board accepts the publication of articles on any subject related to the humanities. In order to maintain high quality standards, the manuscripts submitted to Studium are reviewed, at least, by two members of our board of reviewing editors, all of whom are external, recognised researchers and specialists, both national and international.

Through subscriptions, exchanges, and the distribution carried out by the University of Zaragoza Press, Stvdivm can be found not only in Spain but also in many European and American countries. This editorial policy has enabled the journal and its contents to be present in different national and international services dealing with indexation, summary, bibliographic information, and scientific documentation in the field of Humanities, some of them being ISOC, REBIUN, Latindex, CINDOC, MLA International Bibliography Database, MLA Directory of Periodicals, Dialnet, or Regesta Imperii.